Period: 2015-2016

TA provider: Deloitte

The Government of Malawi committed to achieving the goals of the UN SE4All Initiative, and made some first steps in its implementation.  A Rapid Assessment / Gap Analysis was completed, and the Government, through the Ministry of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining showed leadership in implementing the SE4All goals using the UNDP funded Sustainable Energy Management (SEM) Project to this scope. The Government also facilitated a national workshop on SE4All that took place in November 2013. 

To follow up the implementation of the Initiative, the Government has requested technical support  to develop the SE4All and, dealing in particular with: 

1. Technical support to the focal points to develop a SE4All Action Agenda, through a wide participatory process.

2. Technical support to the Ministry of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining to develop a SE4All  Investment Prospectus, including identification and mapping out potential opportunities for support from bilateral, multilateral or private financiers. 

3. Support the Government stakeholders with the analytical underpinnings.

Status: Technical Assistance is being delivered and expected to be finalised by mid 2016.