Period: 2014-2015

TA provider: IT-Power

Objectives:  The African Climate Technology Centre responded to a  request from the Government of Ghana to support the Energy Commission on various aspects related to improving energy access and designing a monitoring, reporting and evaluation framework:  

1.  Designing a monitoring, evaluation and reporting system for Ghana’s AA/IP process based on Global Tracking Framework criteria and in collaboration with the SEforALL Knowledge Hub and other relevant SEforALL multilateral partners; and Implementing training for Ghanaian stakeholders on this system.

2.  Engaging local SEforALL stakeholders with the SEforALL collaboration platform provided the GFT.

3.  Evaluating the financial and economic costs and benefits of AC and DC mini-grid systems using a range of renewable and renewable/hybrid permutations relevant to Ghana; Evaluating alternative service and commercial models; determining the potential of scale-up and replicating different models, and assessing appropriate commercial and technical crossover points between solar home systems and mini-grids.

4.  Evaluating the Solar Home Systems (SHS) service models and financing modalities most appropriate to Ghanaian conditions and capabilities.

5.  Evaluating financial and economic combinations of SHS and mini-grid systems for household and productive energy services respectively, relevant to Ghanaian circumstances.

6.    Identifing the technology transfer, business model understanding, risk identification, and receptivity capacity requirements for public and private institutions playing key roles in the adoption of energy efficient technologies, improved energy management and use patterns, renewable energy and energy service access technologies, and to tie this technical assistance to the formulation of appropriate financing models for Ghana. 

Results: Technical Assistance was delivered, the main documentation is available in the downloads section.  

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